Bipolar Blood Toxic To Brain Cells

Ever-changing moods of bipolar patients cause changes in the blood which are toxic to brain cells and impact the connectivity of brain cells. This according to Psychiatry Today‘s podcast from June 2016.  Researchers exposed healthy brain cells to the blood serum of healthy individuals and from bipolar individuals and guess what happened? The blood of the bipolar patients screws up the connectivity of brain cells. And apparently the more episodes (either manic or depressed)  a patient has, the more the cellular components are produced that impair the patient’s ability to deal with stress (which then starts a ripple effect, I’m assuming). So now there is research being done to make some sort of neuroprotective medication to protect bipolar patients from their own blood. Psychiatry Today recommends, “Take your meds!” so as to do harm reduction by lowering the number of manic and depressive episodes.