Cannabis and Creativity

419706793Is it possible that a disruption or deficit in the dopamine system could be at the root of the tendency to kick yourself for saying the “wrong” thing?  Because apparently, according to Science Daily, which is my porn, dopamine is responsible not only for creative thinking but, also, for recognizing your mistakes.

This tasty tidbit was tucked away inside an article about a study that showed chronic users of cannabis are less creative. It always comes down to the dopamine, it seems. Chronic users had difficulty brainstorming, and as previously mentioned, are poor at detecting errors. I will vouch for the error part. Even though I no longer get “high” per se, marijuana does blunt my affect and give me some brain fog that – while pleasant – is not conducive to producing quality work where precision is needed. Think run-on sentences and gamboling typos.

The study also says that chronic cannabis users produce less dopamine. This makes perfect sense to me and that may be why I don’t smoke it all day long like Snoop. (Well, to smoke like Snoop is also extremely expensive.) However, I do wonder: how exactly, in the context of this study, did they find out that people produced less dopamine? And less in comparison to what amount? What is a “normal” amount of dopamine? And did the study take into consideration co-morbid conditions that interfere with dopamine production and/or reuptake?

Anyway. I read somewhere that when you want to be creative, alcohol is a better go-to. And when you need to edit whatever you have produced or fine-tune it, that coffee is your best friend.

I don’t have a source on this, but it sounds good to me. I need to get a coffeemaker. And maybe start day drinking. ; )