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Soul Stripping for Art

I saw my shrink today. He’s an intensely cool gentleman, and we get along well. I thanked him for helping bring me “back from the Underworld”, and he stopped for a moment. “No one has ever put it like that,” he said, “and that metaphor is very apt.”

We talked about how depression truly is like being in Hell, not a metaphorical Hell but actual Hell, a separation from anything and everything,, and how despair and loss of hope of that magnitude could not be fully grasped by someone unless they or someone close to them had experienced it.

“People just don’t get it,” he said, and I agreed.

How to make people get it?

This is where Art comes in, I think. It’s where it’s got to at least TRY. And some of the Art I have been seeing lately is truly phenomenal at describing the depths. But there needs to be more. The treacly tentacles of Art only reach so many, those who have something a priori installed to which that particular Artwork calls… so more works must exist to reach more a prioris (if you can pluralize that, which you can’t, but I just did).

Shout your shit from the rooftops in the form that best represents it, this dilemma seems to say. The world asks to be filled with monuments to pain so that understanding can be greater, just as it requests monuments to hope and love and purity and joy and sex and death and all of the Human Experience.

Watch as you are beckoned with a single ghostly finger, and asked to contribute your part. Will you do so? Will you bare your naked soul for Art’s sake? I have some great Burlesque music if you need a little help getting started.

I mean, you see why I need a shrink, right? What the hell was all THAT just now? For Art? Seriously?

Unless Art is a guy that has a fetish for crazy chicks, um, I think I might sound a bit pretentious.  Boy, is that fun, though.

Hopefully, though, you see what I’m saying. Express yourself. Paint a picture. Doodle. Make a video. Sing a song. Dance around. Write a poem, Do a blog post. Do something that expresses how you feel or what your experience is. It’s important. Every story matters.

I am going to start posting some of the things that I see online here, because I think they are important to share. And I may try to put my money where my mouth is (hahaha really bad thing to say with the current tooth situation right now but oops whatever) and do some sort of art myself to post.

So, coming soon to this space: A curation of sorts.