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Happy Birthday, Maggie Estep

Happy Birthday, Pants.

You would have been 57 years old today. I miss you so much. Your friendship and guidance changed my life. You inspired me with your work, and then years later I was lucky enough to know you. I hope that right now you are somewhere beautiful, playing skeeball with Vonnegut, laughing with Prince over blowjobs & career advice and what Lulu was doing on her Top Secret Assignments, having tea with Carravaggio, betting at the track with Charlie. Thank you for all the beauty and verve and truth and love you brought this world. You were a true friend.

Love and particles forever,



TV Time

If you aren’t watching LEGION on FX, you must get to Hulu or the FX app and catch up right away – hey, this weekend is perfect – because this show is absolutely AMAZING.

Also coming up on Hulu: The Handmaid’s Tale. And the new season of Westworld is coming to HBO.

Want to watch a fucked-up documentary? Give HAUNTERS on Netflix a viewing. Starts out just as a behind the scenes look at people who run haunted houses, this film gets dark, FAST.

Another Netflix gem is American Vandal, which is just hilarious.  Oh, Hello on Broadway is great, too, if you’ve ever been given Too Much Tuna.

And Amazon’s The Amazing Mrs. Maisel is a fantastic series about a woman trying to be a stand-up comic in the 60’s. Authentic, funny, the lead actress is charming and gorgeous, and Alex Borstein is comedy gold in this.

Obviously, Black Mirror is a recommendation. And holy damn, is Gotham getting intense or what?

Comedian Christina P. has a Netflix special called Mother Inferior that kills. Try it out. (Machines within…) Her husband Tom Segura also has a new special: Disgraceful – and it’s hysterical. Tony Hinchcliffe and Ari Shaffir are also really good fucking specials. Laugh your ass off, then give them a nice ol’ thumbs up.

There is a cornucopia of good standup on Netflix.. These are just all I can think of at the moment.

Oh – if you have not yet seen Twin Peaks: The Return, you must remedy this immediately.


Rock On, Ryan Murphy

Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon were PHENOMENAL in Feud: Bette and Joan. I am so sad that it’s over.

I want more Old Hollywood from Ryan Murphy.

It’s rare these days that I just LOVE something and I really loved this.  Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange are completely brilliant.



Mice and Camp Hippo

Mice exposed to two hours of silence per day experienced significant growth in their hippocampus aka CAMP HIPPO – according to some scientific study that I can’t quote because I read it and then I fell asleep. But this is something. If you are looking to increase your hippocampal volume, then this is something that you want to know.


How to Save Big Money On Amazon

67ffbf8b957f2db06852e608f0027be7Pretty heady title there, isn’t it? Well, I promise I’m going to make good on it. I really do have a way to save big money on Amazon. Not on every single thing on the site, mind you – but on selected items that actually do include stuff like (currently) a hoverboard and bluetooth speakers and the like. Cool stuff. Expensive face creams and nutritional supplements. Whiskey stones and wine aerators. Memory foam back support for your car. Laptop batteries. Himalayan Salt Lamps. Neat things like that. They change all the time. So what the hell am I talking about anyway?

Well, there is this site called Snagshout – which I am not affiliated with in any way, and who is not paying or compensating me in the least for saying this and in fact doesn’t even KNOW I’m saying this – that gives you deep deep discounts on stuff on Amazon. There is a catch. You have to review the stuff you get deals on. It works like this. You choose something you want. You pay the predetermined amount for it, ranging from free to whatever (the hoverboard is like, $245 or something, I don’t know how much it’s discounted. I got some $40 eye serum for $1. There’s all price ranges for all sorts of things). Anyway. After your deal arrives, you review it on Amazon, alert Snagshout of your review (in which you mention that you got a discount in exchange for your honest and unbiased review), and then, voila! Time for you to snag another goody.

So far I’ve just gotten a couple of freebies and very low cost stuff – like origami paper for 99 cents and the aforementioned dollar luxury eye serum – as I am the “below the poverty line” type – but you can pick and choose whatever. You do pay shipping so it’s best if you have Amazon Prime.

So there you have it! Go on over to Snagshout and check it out, and hopefully you will find something you like. Just don’t get the bark control collar – those are so cruel. See why your dog is barking instead and soothe the little guy. Don’t shock him with electricity. Geez. Mean, right? Get him a new leash instead. The site has those, too.