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PTSD Shrinks Camp Hippo, too!

In PTSD News…

So I just flipped an article about what PTSD does physiologically to the brain, and found its findings very significant so I am linking it here.

Been Traumatized? Here’s How PTSD Rewires The Brain Click Here to read the article.

Of the 75 percent of people who experience at least ONE traumatic event in their lifetime, 20 percent of those will develop PTSD. (Who the fuck are these 25 percenters that are leading perfect lives? Not a single trauma? That’s amazing. I cannot even imagine.) One in nine people with PTSD is female. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that PTSD isn’t just about war trauma, but also sexual assault, physical abuse, rape, witnessing violence, witnessing a disaster, and lots of stuff I’m leaving out but basically anything traumatic that causes the person to develop post-traumatic stress.

Here’s something: Try not to startle people with PTSD as the startle response is HUGE. And terrible. We’re easily startled people. Yelling “Boo!” is not cool. I can’t take that, man. Haunted houses? No more for me! And if you try to pretend like you’re going to push me off a ledge when we are standing together on something high, I probably will not find that funny.