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Damn, Life, Knock It Off Please – But Don’t Kill Me, Okay?

I am so anxious.

The ankle has been swollen now for, I think, 3 weeks? And it’s been at least 2 weeks since I saw the Nurse Practitioner about it, and she deemed it “cellulitis”, which I am gonna look up now because I really have no idea what the hell that is.

So it’s a skin infection that enters via a cut or crack. Can be caused also by scratching itches. I do not have a cut or crack and have not at all in that area in the past more than 1 month. I have not been scratching my ankle. So, here are the other things it could be:

But feet and ankles that stay swollen or are accompanied by other symptoms could signal a serious health problem, including:

  • Pregnancy complications
  • Foot or ankle injury
  • Lymphedema
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Heart, liver, or kidney disease
  • Medication side effects

So, yeah. That looks scary AF, doesn’t it? And yet, no one seems to think it’s a big deal. And no one actually believes that I have any kind of concerning issue – except for the NP at Urgent Care, who said, my unexplained body aches and feverish feeling could be indicative of problems with my heart, and that he tended to believe people who insist that it is not a panic attack, that they know what that feels like and this ain’t it.

Given the symptoms – and in addition the troponin test being seriously flawed/giving false negatives due to Biotin intake – if I were a doctor, I would be concerned. My therapist is concerned. She is well versed in anxiety, and, again, this ain’t it.

Also, I got the flu, unrelated to the weird feverish feeling, which was not accompanied by any flu symptoms. And the flu kicked my ass for nearly 3 weeks, as well.

So okay. Did I mention I am so anxious?

I am so anxious.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the GP, who brilliantly, as I watched him write the Rx for my nuclear stress test, apparently called me “Edith Santos”. And checked the right ankle instead of right knee to be x-rayed, right after he’d told the nurse, no, not the ankle – she needs the knee x-rayed. Does this make me trust in his diagnosis? Not particularly. Then there is the hospital’s lab woman who said, of the FDA report, “Well, I am SO GLAD you have that information” sarcastically, after telling someone else that “SOMEONE told her” – meaning me, I am the “her” in that phrase – about the flaw in the troponin test, and I corrected her and said, hey, it’s not SOMEONE, it’s the FDA. A governmental agency. (Has she even fucking heard of it?) You’d think, even if they did not tell me what test was done on ME, which I have a right to know, I believe, they would have at least a LITTLE concern about the fact that these tests are invalid. That they would want to investigate that further. But, no.

I am fucked [image of Gene Wilder meme]

Nevermind that my blood pressure has been normal my entire life and now I have not Stage One but Stage TWO high blood pressure. And high cholesterol. And weigh too much. And have had three cardiac events preceded by intense jaw pain (which hey, that happens to be a heart attack symptom, how ’bout dat?). And now the ankle. But yeah, I am sure a swollen left ankle is indicative of PANIC DISORDER, which is what they all say – the hospital, the Primary Care Provider, the shrink, for fuck’s sake.

I have an appointment with the shrink tomorrow. I look forward to showing him my ankle and saying, hey, check out the panic disorder in my ankle!

Because panic disorder is so totally listed in that list above. See it? Oh, wait, IT’S NOT THERE.

It is easy to believe that I am not being listened to.

Further evidence of this: my floors are caving in. The floor under the fridge POPS intermittently. That is not a good sign. I read an article about a family whose floors completely gave way, and that was preceded by much popping. The floor in the kitchen has a dividing line between the floor that is slanted downward – which would be the floor under the cabinets, sink, stove, and fridge – and the non-slanted floor. It creaks when you walk on it. It doesn’t not feel stable. The bathroom floor has indentations in several areas I can feel with my bare feet and it is not particularly stable – of course I received a work order about the bathroom floor when I reported it marked ‘complete’ when they didn’t even LOOK at that floor.  Not to mention that the living room floors are also caving in – bended and warped and they do not at all feel stable and one of my dressers tilts forward and cannot be put against the wall, because why? The floor is warped, unstable, and in the process of leaving this Earth.

They have known about everything except the bathroom floor since this summer. The maintenance guy said contractors would be out to appraise the situation. But. Has anyone ever come out? Nope. And that completed work order? Said “floor is contractors”. Okay, does that mean that I am supposed to hire a contractor? Because it sure sounds like they are doing nothing about this. To wit: They have been putting lease renewal notices on my door, and they raise the rent each year. It seems to me that they have been in breach of this lease for half a year, because I did not sign a lease that said I agree to rent with unstable flooring. So, they are going to raise the rent, but not fix the floors. They are ignoring the floors. In fact, they have ignored my last THREE emails to them.

And let’s not even speak of the Black Mold that they have attempted to minimize by referring to it as “mildew”. Is mildew black and does it creep through surfaces into other surfaces? Like the picture of my deceased parents which I gave them for a milestone anniversary while they were still alive which they were thrilled by and which was very sentimental to me, and now covered with black mold that traveled through the back of the frame from the wall and further until it is now covering and ruining this picture?

Hi, I’m looking for Horton because I am a dust speck and apparently that elephant will be the only one that can hear me.

By the way – mortality rate on right-sided heart failure, the first thing mentioned on Google regarding a swollen left ankle? Less than a year to five years at best.

For over a month I have been able to count every single one of my heart beats without taking my pulse, because my body throbs in time with them, as if I have just finished an intense workout.

I went yesterday for a nuclear stress test, and after over an hour total, waiting for my doctor to fax an Rx with my actual name on it, I was informed that the insurance company refuses to authorize the test.

At least I got the knee x-rayed on my deformed, turned-the-wrong-way leg from the treatment I received for a broken ankle four years ago.

Also. I have lost five cats this year. Five. Most recently, the love of my life, Milhouse, my smart (though they are all/were smart) extra special guy. Before that, in September, Momo, who I thought would be the last one standing, my also quite special guy. And my heart is broken. I have a mausoleum on my bookshelves of kitty urns, footprints, and the ashes of my parents, representing a huge chunk of my loved ones.

And now I am concerned about Bear. He is not acting right. He is not eating much at all, is suddenly lethargic, seems depressed and not like himself. He needs to go to the vet. So does Tiny – she is a week away from being out of thyroid meds, putting her again at risk for a heart attack due to her sped-up, hyperthyroid-ed out metabolism. And I am a broke bitch. How do I do this?

And all this stress is so good for the heart. Oh, wait…

This is all some fucked-up bullshit, to use a technical term. And I really do not know how much more I can take, frankly.

I have no family to help advocate my cause(s). I am my only advocate. And unfortunately, the fact that my advocate has several psychiatric diagnoses sort of ruins my advocate’s credibility with these people. They just assume that I’m being histrionic, I guess. That is certainly what it seems like.

And. I have not been able to do my work for a month and a half now, because of these health problems and grief issues. So money issues. And big vet bills have been the norm for months now, with most of my kitties dying on me at once.

And ooh, I just noticed that to the right of this rant, there is an article from Science Daily, and the headline reads, “Chronic Adversity Can Dampen Dopamine Production.” Wonderful.

Fuck me running.

I am so anxious.


Suspended in Amber & Slipping Through Cracks

11 years ago I had a total psychotic break. It lasted for 4 months. I was never hospitalized.

Instead, I ended up homeless and living in a garage where, my first morning there, my adoptive sister tried to choke me out and had to be pulled off of me. This was because I was not able to drive her daughter to the bus stop less than a block away. Because I was in psychosis. I got choked because I could not drive because I was in psychosis and therefore not safe to drive, because you kind of need a sense of reality to drive, at least in some cases.

I lived in the garage for 2 months, sleeping on a couch with bad springs, surrounded by my boxes of possessions that had come from the apartment I’d lost, the nicest apartment I’d ever lived in, the place I still think of as home. It was winter, and the electricity was shut off because this garage was attached to the house my adoptive sister was renting, and she decided to move out. No, she didn’t care that there was an ill person subsisting in the garage. She left, and I was there with no electricity, freezing cold in the dark, still coming down from the psychotic break.

I was given medication that made me sleep over 15 hours a day and gain 50 lbs. There was no therapy. That would come later, in false starts, with bad therapists, including one who would tell me, based on my history of chronic abuse and trauma, “You will never be happy, and you will never be functional”, because that was apparently her version of therapeutic. Those words still haunt me to this day. I wonder, was she right?

I moved from the garage into an attic apartment that was infested by rats that ran by me as I slept on the floor. From there I found an apartment that I was able to afford on disability – I could afford exactly rent and electric and nothing more. My adoptive sister tried to have me evicted from this apartment, by calling and lodging many false complaints against me, saying that she could smell my cats in her apartment next door – she of course did not live next door and the entire thing was a lie – and had a couple of her friends call pretending to be other neighbors with the same complaint. She did this because I caught her stealing my mom’s Oxycontin on Christmas Eve, and I was honest with my mother about what had happened. What would you have done? Protected the person who broke into your mother’s home to steal her pain medication that she desperately needed, or be honest about what happened? I did the latter, and was nearly homeless again as a result.

Over the next decade, a lot of things happened. Doctors denied me my medication. I couldn’t find a psychiatrist – none in the area were taking patients – there literally was not a single psychiatrist taking insurance who would accept a new patient in the entire city. A psychiatrist fired me, because I complained about the therapist who said I’d never be happy or functional (she worked in the same office, and I told the office manager, who yelled at me. I was fired for “noncompliance”.) My adoptive sister systematically brought my elderly parents down with a thousand tiny cuts and several hundred deep ones, a constant supply of stress and threats and ultimatums if they did not do as she wished. My father died suddenly. My mother dissolved into profound grief and heartbreak from which she never recovered. I could do nothing to help, because I was so sick, and because I had no control over what happened to her, no way to stop the machinations of evil that my sister (and now her daughter) perpetrated on my fragile mom.

And I had no financial means to help, either. My father had died leaving only a very small insurance policy that was quickly eaten up by cremation expenses and bills and an ill-fated used car purchase that my mother insisted on making because she wanted me to have a safe vehicle. The car was a lemon. I should never have let her do it. I tried to argue against it. I look back now and I am sickened that I allowed her to spend money that should have been kept for her own well-being on something to benefit me. It makes me disgusted with myself, and ashamed.

My rent increased each year, and continued to increase. Each year the struggle to get by became more difficult.  A dear friend offered to move in to help out. I accepted, giving him the bedroom I never used, because due to my PTSD, I could only sleep in the living room, where the front door is, because what if someone broke in and I didn’t hear it? My hyper-vigilance demanded this accommodation, even though now I really wish I had a bedroom.

Then my mom died. I lost my best friend.

None of the therapists I saw could help me. None of them ever even brought up my psychotic break. You’d think that would be a topic of conversation at some point, but apparently, no. I went therapist to therapist, searching for someone who would understand, and also, for someone who would fucking listen. Because these therapists all shared the same trait: they’d listen to the first part, then assume they knew everything, and ‘give advice’ based on that. Which, you know, first off, giving advice is not really therapy. Anyone can give advice. If that worked, no one would need therapy. Secondly, I’ve been through so many things, and there is so much detail to all of them because of the way my mind has processed these things, that I am like an onion, with many layers, and all of those layers need to be taken into account. You can’t read a few pages of a book and know the story.

They would also try to fit me into some pre-fab notion of what a “normal person” is, instead of helping me to understand and accept who it is that I actually am, and work with THAT person, with the person I actually happen to be and not the person they thought I should be. Any treatment plan based on changing who I am as a person will fail. A successful treatment plan is one that works with my strengths, works on my weaknesses, gives me tools to deal with real situations that arise. A treatment plan based in reality. None of these people had it. One therapist even told me that my treatment plan was “none of [my] business”.

During all of this time, I have not once had the time to recuperate, to heal, to process what I went through. I have not been successful in efforts to build a routine again, to be part of the world again. Because I have been struggling financially, always stressed about how to pay things, how to get heavy things like kitty litter HERE because I have no car, how to supplement the unsustainable amount that has not grown commensurate with inflation. And I have been struggling, every day, with just how to get through the day, when I am plagued by flashbacks of lifelong abuse by so many different people, and jarred by so many bad memories, and self-recriminations for things I should have done differently, things I did wrong, things for which I should be and am ashamed. In short, struggling to stay on the planet. To stay alive.

Through this I have been fumbling, trying in vain to create a routine to follow, to do things that are healthy and “self-care”, to right my thinking on my own since I have no professional assistance that is not derelict*; trying fruitlessly to fight the bad voices that make me despair and try to convince me to just give up. I have kept going, my knuckles white from gripping onto whatever might tether me to this realm.

The truth of it is, though, that I have spent 11 years in this living room, not getting better.

I have tried so hard to get better. I have done so many different things. I have adjusted my attitude – as much as someone with severe mental illness can – so many times.

I’m not getting better. I have never had a chance to get better.

I have never heard of someone who had a psychotic break who was not hospitalized. But then there’s me. This makes sense, though. Because I was in a car wreck where I was thrown 75 feet and no one even bothered to check me for a concussion. And all the bad experiences with doctors in general – from psychiatric to medical. A continual pattern of disregard.

Things like this, they give me the message that I really, and truly, do not matter.

I wish more than anything I could have just a few months, where I didn’t have to worry about financial survival, where I could actually and finally focus on getting well, or at least better. Where I could look again for a therapist and hopefully find a good one, and concentrate on going to therapy a few times a week. Focus on building a new routine, a new life. Find myself again, in such a way that I don’t disappear and I don’t fall apart every morning, the way I do now.

Because right now, every morning of every day, I wake up a sobbing shambles, a complete mess, paralyzed, not sure what to do, and haunted by so much bad shit in my brain that it physically hurts. The anxiety is so bad I have to take a benzo and then I have to ingest huge amounts of caffeine to stay awake, and also to keep myself awash in enough temporary dopamine that I don’t just say, “That’s it, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.”

I’m on all the medication that they can give me. So many pills. It does work. It does its job. But it isn’t enough. You can’t just medicate trauma away, you can’t medicate your brain into processing and parsing things and assimilating them into your narrative in such a way that you can go on comfortably.

They always say, if you are down, ask for help. Reach out. I have done that, over and over again. I have done that to the point where I now wonder, have they changed the spelling or the pronunciation of the word “help” and I just didn’t get the memo? Am I speaking the correct language? Or is it as I suspect, deep down, that when it comes down to it, I really don’t matter?

Eleven years have passed away, been wasted, sitting in this living room on this futon upon which I sleep. I don’t want it to be this way. I am willing to put in the work, and I have been from the very start – ever since I tried to kill myself the first time when I was 8 years old, and no one believed that I was depressed because a person is supposed to pull themselves up by those bootstraps, those fucking bootstraps that every mentally ill person would love to brandish at the people who suggest that the Road to Wellness is merely a matter of eschewing some indolence they seem to think we have.

Motherfucker, if I could pull up some metaphorical out-of-current-parlance item to fix myself, don’t you think I would have done that ELEVEN YEARS AGO? Because who among us wants eleven years of their life to just disappear with nothing to show for them? Who?

I have spent time focusing on small problems in order to avoid the biggest one, the hydra-headed one that follows me around like the dust cloud follows Pig-Pen from Peanuts. But all problems lead to one end, and it is this one. The Big One.

I never had time to get better. And so I never have. And things just keep getting more and more log-jammed, in my head, and in my life, and I am overwhelmed.

I am studying coding, in an attempt to make something of this life. But I know that unless I get the actual Life stuff sorted out, it’s not going to help. I have to be a person who is reliable and focused, not someone who has to put themselves back together every morning from scratch.

How the fuck will I ever get there, when my main focus must be survival? What I have to do to survive, it’s not healthy for me in myriad ways. And better still, people judge me harshly for doing it. A cherry atop the melted sundae of all the thoughts of the potential I had as a child, and the possibility of what might have been.

It’s hard sometimes to hear parents discuss parenting with other parents. They are all so focused on their children’s welfare. Their lives appear to be centered around parenting, and being parents. They think about things like which school is best, and how it will affect their child’s future. Their kids are involved in school activities and have friends and don’t have to lie about the stuff that happens at home. And their kids don’t seem to be randomly insulted by people on the street for no reason. It’s like, if I squint my mind’s eye I can almost see that kind of life, where every day is the same, there is a routine and you follow it, and you make progress in things, and your parents know what’s going on in your schooling, and the idea of you going to college isn’t considered ridiculous or impossible or simply “off the table” but instead a real fucking thing. Where you say “I want to do this creative thing for a living” and you don’t hear back, “You’ll never make a living doing that” as the very first response to your giving voice to a dream. Where you know how to plan out things, because you have confidence that the future you are planning is actually going to happen.

Oh, yeah;. And where no one hits you or beats you with a belt or molests you or psychologically tortures you day in and day out. That, too.  And where you can have friends over and know everything will be okay, that there won’t be some horrible scene coming out of nowhere that will end with someone threatening to throw you out of the house to live on the street. Where you can say, “Yeah, this teacher was kinda a jerk”, and know that later on, no one in your family is going to be calling that teacher and threatening to put a bomb in her car.

My parents loved me. But my dad was psychotic for most of my childhood, and neither he nor my mom protected me from the adoptive sister, who was and is a violent sociopath. And they were so busy reacting to her every fucked-up move, that there was no room for anything, or anyone, else.

I don’t know what else to say. I have to try to figure out how to make this day worth something now. I have been crying all morning. I am surrounded by used tissues and I can no longer breathe through my nose. And these tears and this Everything has fucked up a day where I needed to try to do something to earn some money to pay for the ever-growing list of things that need to be paid for, some of which – like redoing my teeth so my facial bone structure doesn’t cave in – will probably never be possible.

This is the truth about my life. Along with so very much else that remains unsaid.


*ETA: my shrink is a good shrink. It is the 15-minute hour, though, and just medication, so I didn’t count him among the therapists and doctors I grouped together as derelict. But I wanted to acknowledge him, and say that without him, I would not be here.


Of Innards and Angels

I lost two of the most special and amazing creatures that ever existed in two weeks. Heartbroken and shell-shocked and weirdly numb in the places where I’m not totally destroyed. And inanely smart-mouthed in some sort of misguided manic attempt to put on a good face. Just one of the numerous shitty parts is that I did not have enough money to save either of them. To have to watch the ones you love die because you can’t save them, because you FAIL to save them, it is a bitter fucking pill to swallow. Which is kind of an odd expression because you’d WANT to swallow the bitter pill, get it away from your taste buds. You WOULDN’T want it lingering under your tongue, where it would be pumping out little particulates into your saliva streams and flooding your mouth innards.

Oh – and “mouth innards” is mine – don’t steal it. It’s too GRACEFUL a phrase to just let go. (Yeah, I can wax sardonic as a cover-up, but it’s like my concealer. Caked on and obvious.)

The thing about tragedy is that it forces you into a new space, a new energy. You shed skin, at least if you’re doing it right. If you are the kind of person to go through major life events without changing at least a LITTLE, well, I don’t know how to know you. Things definitely feel like they are – different. Some of that is obviously terrible. Some of it is okay. The okay stuff doesn’t change the fact that I miss my kitties. It doesn’t change how it feels like part of my heart has been ripped right out of my chest and my stomach is taking a ride in a elevator with snapped cables.

Animals are the purest creatures. I mean, babies are nice and innocent and sweet and all, but think about this: a baby will also smack the shit out of you and then laugh about it. There is that. My cats didn’t slap at me, but if they did, they would not be laughing in their paws about it. They were literally the sweetest souls I have ever encountered. And in the world the way it is today, there is something profoundly disturbing, beyond the obvious issue of losing that which you love so very dearly, to watching that purity extinguish. It is a heartbreak on several levels, and one of those levels belongs to humanity. It’s a weight on the soul, the heaviness of watching angels die.

I don’t know what to do with the ache. You never do. Grief is like that. You just have to learn to live with it, and bear it as it gets a little duller each day. It will never go away completely, but then, neither will the love. And that is the strength of this world. The brutal force of mortality will ultimately rob us of everything we hold dearest to our hearts. But the love, that’s the thing it can’t touch, can’t change, can’t steal. It’s sappy, but it’s true. Love endures. I will love my cats forever, whatever the concept “forever” ends up meaning. I will take my love for them with me to my grave – which will probably be a cardboard cremains box for the indigent, but hey, you get what you get. Whatever the case, the fact is that the love endures. It’s like an endless echo made of memory and will.

It’s traumatic playing God for a beloved pet. Especially when ‘pet’ seems awkward and ‘cat child’ would be a more apt description. “So they don’t suffer” still feels like selling them down the river. I should have been Shirley MacLaine in “Terms of Endearment”, for fuck’s sake. I shouldn’t have just given in, given up. I should have been ready to raise hell and crack skulls, but instead, I listened to the damned vet. “You should go ahead and put her down now,” she said. And maybe it was the kindest thing, but I just keep thinking, that cat TRUSTED me, and THAT is what I fucking did.

And that line of thinking is what you call Counter-factual thinking, and it is part of Denial. “If Only” counts as Denial. I did not know this before my World Grief Tour (2012-2018) but it’s true. Sitting there going over and over what you could have done differently is absolutely part of Denial. As far as I know there is no organic way it stops – you just have to willfully say FUCKING STOP to yourself. You have to tell yourself, Look – the person/animal is gone now and all of this thinking will NOT bring them back, it’s just going to put YOU in a hole you will never get out of. And you have to will yourself to stop it. And you will suck at that at first. But you will get better at distracting yourself. You will get better at distress tolerance.

And I will, too. Or I will be forced to beat the living shit out of myself.



Yesterday I had to say goodbye to another one of my kitties. I am heartbroken.


Rest in Peace, Ticaboo





Meetings, Protests, Walk-Outs

I m so proud of the kids of the State of Florida today. My heart absolutely swells, I have my fist in the air in solidarity. People have the power to get together and work for positive change. These kids are proof of the indomitable spirit that lives within us all. They kick total and complete ass.

(Btw, Marco Rubio has accepted millions from the NRA. I hope he is enjoying his blood money.)


There is no reason ordinary citizens should have access to assault weapons. Can we take a look at this, at what the motivation, the origin, could be for someone to feel so helpless, so unheard, so whatever, that they need a bunch of guns or an assault rifle in the first place? Is it some childhood injury, some adult delusion that drives this? I know some people collect guns. Collections I understand. Arsenals I do not. They never end well. They end with some cold-hearted malcontent killing innocent people. No one hunts with an AR-15. It’s been said before but damn it, let us say it again. No one hunts with an AR-15.

Unless they are hunting people.

AR-15s are meant to kill human beings.

Do you or your neighbor really need one, and if so, WHY?

There are reasons why this violence happens, and we need to root them all out and process them so that we can work on finding solutions.

Another post is forthcoming about the mental health aspects of the Parkland shooting and how Medicaid and many other systems are broken. I am going to summarize my experiences and give you a sense of what it is like to be in the system, and a little of what the stigma is like. Not that I believe the system necessarily failed in this instance. I do not know; I don’t have access to data that could lead to any accurate conclusions. But since everyone keeps saying we need to have a conversation about mental health – which we are currently not having – I am throwing in my opinions on that issue very soon.


Ashes to Ashes

So I’m living with six urns full of ashes. Two parents, four cats. Every urn has a picture of the person or animal contained within. And all I have to do to look at them is simply look up from where I sit now, where I spend probably 80 percent of my time awake and asleep, because I live in a living room (that’s appropo, yeah?) and not a bedroom where one might go to momentarily escape one’s main room surroundings. Whatever. The point is that it is not an easy thing to live in a room with the cremains of one’s loved ones. But no one ever said life was going to be easy, goes the cliche.

I am not sure what to do with the ashes. You can have necklaces made from cremains but they are expensive. You can alternately get a “necklace urn” and scoop ashes into it yourself. The idea of doing that rather freaks me out. I mean, I know people do things like scatter ashes all the time, and they have to get into that urn and somehow handle the ashes in order to do that. I haven’t done much research on it yet, so it may be something Google can help with, but failing that I have no idea how the fuck one handles cremains both respectfully and without getting skeeved the hell out. I have heard the stories about how there are sometimes bits of bone that didn’t turn to ash in cremains. Bits of my parents’ bones? How the well-known fuck would I handle that?

I mean, that was my mother and father, and now they are reduced to dust (and possible BONE CHUNKS) in wooden boxes. What is in those boxes used to be my parents. That blows my fucking mind. It doesn’t seem possible, but I know it is. Much in the same way it doesn’t seem possible that we are hanging sideways onto the planet, which itself hangs mysteriously with no tether to the vast, infinite expanse of space. I’m not built to fathom such things. I cannot wrap my head around this.

One of my mom’s wishes was that she and my dad be blended together after she passed. Their ashes blended, I mean -not the two of them blended in a “Will It Blend?” way. Crematoriums do not engage in this practice, though – their main thing is to keep the ashes SEPARATE or they could lose their licenses or something. You don’t want some stranger mixed in with your Aunt Bev, do you? So they don’t offer that service. And so again, it would fall to me to mix them up. How the hell does one achieve that end? Do I dump them in a big white bucket, put the lid on and shake the shit out of it until I feel like they are evenly distributed? It just doesn’t seem practical. Or pleasant. And that’d be a hell of a show for the neighbors. “Hey there, whatcha doin’?” “Mixing my parents’ ashes up, wanna help me shake the bucket?” Yeah, no.

Another option is the Neptune Society. Ashes scattered at sea. Very romantic. And something they wanted to look into before they died, but never had the chance. Again, I haven’t done the research yet, and again, I don’t really have a ton of scratch to put into this. Which is my peekaboo way of saying that in reality I am broke and when I say broke I mean digging around for change with which to buy cat food, I mean not eating healthily because bad food is cheap (because it’s not really food but artificial flavors and “cellulose”, which is wood filler, micronized. Read the label on your parm.) Also, I’m not a big fan of the water. But if I could swing this one for them, it’s certainly something I would put aside my own preferences to do. After I work out how to get them, uh, scatter-ready.

Yeah, I have no idea what I’m going to do, so I am deciding not to decide yet. It’s important that whatever I end up doing, it honors my parents (and their cats, who may end up mixed in there with them, if it goes in that direction). I never dreamed I would have to make decisions like this, and I could never have imagined how fucking painful these things truly are.

It is an enormous leap of faith to believe that one day this will hurt less. It seems like I miss them more and more each day, not less. And I appreciate more and more all the beautiful things that made them the amazing people they were, and that appreciation is bittersweet, because I should have told them more – even though I told them a lot – I should have made every word out of my mouth an utterance of respect, every phrase perfect and proper and kind, I should have been a different person, not a mentally ill mess but the kind of kid they signed up for. I tried to be that, but ultimately, I failed.

But tortured by this knowledge or not, there is still the issue of the ashes. And in the back of my head a voice reminds me that there will be no one to decide what to do with my ashes when the time comes. And that is a lonely fucking feeling.


Clover: After Everything, Now This.

It looks like I am going to have to have my cat, Clover, “put down”, the euphemism that people use when you have to have your cat killed “humanely”. I don’t know that killing another creature is humane, though I have been over and over this in my head to try to convince myself that it is, that if she is in pain and suffering dementia this is the best thing. She still responds to affection, though, which makes this an excruciating decision. I am trying to make an appointment for a “Quality of Life Assessment” at the Humane Society, which has a sliding scale for poor people like myself, and see if there is anything that can be done, though it looks very doubtful at this point. This is the most loveable cat. She gave me my kittenpals, being the mother of the love of my life, Milhouse, and his sweet siblings. I know that this is the beginning of a tough road. With as many cats as I have, and their ages, things are not going to improve, but instead, the second law of thermodynamics is going to take over: Things Fall Apart. The tears are just sort of pouring out of my eyes as I type this. I have really had enough of death to last me after the last couple of years – losing both of my parents and one of the best friends I ever had, and now this. Like the title of that Church album: After Everything, Now This. Yep. Life can really beat the shit out of you sometimes. And so it goes.

Look how cute she is with her leg over her head, like a little sleeping gymnast kitty.


The Humane Society’s number is busy, busy, busy, so the damnable appointment setting is stretched out interminably, giving me lots of time to think. I think enough already, I don’t need more time to think. What I need are cats that don’t ever have to die, but that’s a fantasy that won’t ever happen. I’m going to lose my best buddies, one at a time, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

They understand me so much better than any person ever has. It’s selfish of me to want to keep them around forever. But also human, I guess. I have been walking on broken glass for a long time now. This is more broken glass I will walk on. Crawl on hands and knees if I must. I just need to make sure she does not suffer. I need to make sure this is as easy on her as it can be. It won’t be easy on me. But then, it shouldn’t be. If I could just “put her to sleep” without a second thought, without a tear, I guess I’d be a monster. There might be other reasons why I could be a monster, but maybe this is not one of them. I really don’t know right now. I feel like a monster, I know that much. I don’t even like to kill bugs (and so I don’t  – it’s catch and release for the most part around here, unless there is a rare and stray roach that gets in. I have an agreement with the roaches. They don’t pay rent so if I see one, sorry, they are toast. But any other insect or small creature, they get a pass out of the door.)

Clover was named after the fields of clover that grew after the atomic bomb was dropped. Her nickname is Chrysanthemum, also Chystanthemother. She happy-sneezes the way dogs do. In fact, she’s a very dog-like cat in many ways. She fakes good like dogs do. She is friendly and sweet and comes when called (or used to). She lies down when asked. I was her midwife (or doula, I guess, is the modern term) when she had her kittens. I rescued her from kids that were abusing her when she was pregnant with them. Her life has been far longer, I have been told repeatedly by both friends and my doctor, than it would have been otherwise had it not been for me. She has had a good and happy life.

This really sucks. I don’t want to do this. But life, it appears, is full of stuff you don’t want to do. I did not want to identify my mother’s lifeless body either, and still I had to. I did not want to check the unembalmed body of my father to see if it was appropriate for the rest of the family (there was still family then) to view, but I had to. And I did not want to have to guard his body for “leakage” during the memorial either, but that too was my job. My job to make all the arrangements. My job to carry on when it doesn’t feel like there is any life left in me. And now my job to kill my cat. I don’t care what euphemism you use, I am about to be a cat murderer.

Google says very few cats go quietly in their sleep. So this is what it is going to be, unfortunately. And it’s hard and it sucks. And I have to do it anyway, unless the vet can deliver some sort of miracle. And it would have to be one that I could afford, a double-miracle.

I forgot to mention that Clover is my Bearded Lady. She is the only cat I have ever seen that has a goatee. Like a goat-kitty, or a sideshow cat. So very special.

I just left a message on the Humane Society’s voicemail. The wheels are in motion.

To quote Florida Evans: Damn, damn, damn.