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I have downloaded the Coursera mobile app so I can take some courses. I have five certificates so far from Coursera thru their financial aid program – mostly coding and programming but also a fantastic course by Barbara Oakley called “Learning How to Learn”, which is a great primer for taking courses where you set your own deadlines. The course explains exactly how we learn, why cramming doesn’t work, how to “chunk” information so that what you learn stays with you, and more. Highly recommended. On Coursera you can audit courses for free or pay by individual course to participate in assignments to earn a certificate or even a degree. If you have financial hardship, you can fill out the application for the course you would like to take on the course’s homepage.

I have signed up this time around for courses in Psych, Neuroscience, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Philosophy. Once I get back into the MOOC swing, I will probably take some more coding courses to see if I a) remember any of my previous Python courses and b) am able to understand how to do that regex nonsense that is needed for Everything Python. So Hello, World on that front. However, I must mention that Treehouse truly kicks ass insofar as coding goes. Last time I checked Treehouse is $25 a month for unlimited access to all their courses. If I were able to really dedicate the time and attention necessary, I would sign up and pick up my Python and coding coursework there as well.

Being able to do courses full time is a pipe dream, but at least I will be able to become a bit more educated in my “spare” time. I am really looking forward to my courses on Coursera. I just have to stop listening to podcasts and get on the courses. I have just found so many good podcasts.

Next post I will endeavor to share with you the latest podcasts I have found so you can check them out, too. Woohoo.

Have a fabulous weekend. You deserve it.