“I’m Like The Blue Rose” – Twin Peaks The Return

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched Twin Peaks: The Return up to Part 14.

I have a few thoughts and they are not complete, and not in any particular order at all. I haven’t tarted them in up either. It’s just bare bones speculation and wondering.

First off, I feel like the Southern Drawl Phillip Jeffries is actually Phillip’s doppelganger – I think this because of the way his eyes light up when Gordon Cole announces him as Special Agent Phillip Jeffries. He looks like he’s surprised and pleased they think he’s Phillip. And then of course he immediately says, “Who do you think that is there?”, indicating Dale Cooper. Assuming that Coop is actually Mr. C, because he himself is a copy?

Is Audrey in a coma? If she is, she’s either psychic, or she’s got people talking around her. Then there’s The Drunk in The Jail Cell Who Is Probably Billy. What the hell is wrong with him? Sparkle? Or maybe a Woodsman? He was unbelievably creepy.

I think that Freddie Green Glove is going to need that piledriver for Mr. C somehow, and that is the destiny to which the Fireman referred. On account of Mr. C’s ability to punch a guy’s head completely in. Level playing field.

Speaking of Audrey: Her little girl down the lane reference from Part 13 is the second allusion to Martin Sheen’s career in the 70’s, the first being the name of the actress playing Tammy (Chrysta Bell). Just odd, that’s all.  I am probably the only person to notice this or think anything of it. It means nothing yet some part of my brain thinks it’s uncanny and neat.

Do you really want to fuck with this?

Is the Sarah Palmer who removed her face and took a chunk out of the obnoxious barfly the same Sarah Palmer that said, “It’s a BAD STORY, isn’t it, Hawk?” What was making noise in the kitchen during that front door conversation? If it IS Sarah and she’s got some entity on board, perhaps that explains why she was freaking out over the turkey jerky and asking when it was stocked. Maybe she became agitated because she realized that she had lost time (because Bob? or something else had taken over?) She said something happened to her. Was she the girl with the horrid frogroach? Or did something happen to Sarah recently?

Bullet Wound Lois Duffy must have had the Owl Ring on, and must have been the doppelganger, I’m theorizing.

Since we haven’t met Tina, when her name comes up I just picture Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Try it, it’s fun.

Tina’s daughter sounded so much like Audrey, I thought that is the name she’d give when asked about her mother. But she said Tina. And now I just heard this theory on a podcast: Could Tina actually BE Audrey? Mind. Blown.

One final note: That is, without a single doubt, THE most beautifully shot black and white footage that anyone has ever created. The contrast and depth is phenomenal. It is just so fucking gorgeous I could weep.

David Lynch is a gift to the world. I wish there were more than four episodes left.