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The Truth About Medicaid

Everyone is saying that only 1/3 of doctors accept Medicaid because the rate of reimbursement is lower. This is not exactly accurate. Actually TALK to doctors and what you find out is this: MEDICAID DOES NOT PAY ITS BILLS.

I have been billed thousands of dollars for services that were supposed to be covered 100 percent. Where does the money allocated to pay these medical bills go, exactly? I mean, if it isn’t going to bills… ?

Let me just repeat this again for you: MEDICAID DOES NOT PAY ITS BILLS.

(Here’s another newsflash from under the poverty line: I have seen grocery stores in poorer neighborhoods charge more money than grocery stores in affluent neighborhoods charge for the same food.)


On a personal note, if someone were to cream pie Tom Price on national TV, I would not be averse to seeing that. Actually, let me rephrase that: If someone were to hit Tom Price in the face with an actual cream pie, I would not be averse to seeing that.

It’s important to be clear about things.