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A Long Post About Supplements and Nootropics

I’m trying out some different supplements in an attempt to hack my motivation and mood, and also, my mitochondria. One thing that is good for eradicating the effects of oxidative stress on mitochondria is Indian Gooseberry, more commonly known in herbal circles as Amla or Amalaki. Amla is also incredibly good for your skin and hair, and contains a boatload of Vitamin C, so it also provides immune system support.  It also purifies blood, is anti-inflammatory, and apparently lowers the bad cholesterol, raises the good cholesterol, and evens out blood glucose levels. Amla has deep spiritual roots, and is featured prominently in key Hindu and Buddhist texts, in case you were wondering.

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On Aniracetam

I’ve been experimenting with Aniracetam. Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement that is supposed to relieve anxiety, increase memory and focus, and enhance creativity and holistic (or big picture) thinking. I have been taking it on and off, which is not exactly the best way to tell efficacy, but even still, I notice my mind is a lot clearer when I take it, and I am definitely not as anxious. I did some light reading on it and found out why this is.

Apparently aniracetam increases dopamine in the prefrontal cortex, where so much stuff happens it’s ridiculous – learning, judgment, impulse control, focus… AND it employs the nicotinic receptors to do its bidding. I think I probably have a lot of nicotinic receptors so that can’t hurt, right? I have no idea. Anyway, an increase of dopamine is just good for everybody. You feel better, you focus better, you even sleep better.

When I take Adderall, for instance, which is amphetamine, I can literally go right to sleep afterwards. I thought it was a paradoxical effect and asked my doctor about it. He said that a person can have sleep disturbances or problems when the dopamine in their brain is out of whack (out of whack being a highly medical term that you need special schooling to be able to use). When the dopamine is regulated, sleep improves. I thought I just had a high tolerance or something.

This morning I took three 325 mg capsules of aniracetam and chased it with one spoon of ice cream. (It’s fat soluble, meaning it won’t even work unless it’s combined with a food containing fat, and I don’t usually eat breakfast.) Already the cobwebs feel like they are clearing from my head. And I am finishing this blog post, which has been sitting In Drafts for over a week. So I’m thinking it has an effect. I seem to have a really good day when I take it, I get a lot more done and I think it does spur creativity a bit. But there is no speediness or anxiety – in fact, aniracetam is indicated to reduce anxiety, and I notice that on the days I take it, I’m not leaning on the Klonopin as I may normally have to do. So that’s my vote for it’s anti-anxiety properties.

Your mileage may vary but I am able to take aniracetam on top of all my regular medications, which include Adderall and Strattera. There are no contraindications that I am aware of here, and overall, I am pleased with the results.


An update

20160109_020203-2Tooth pain be damned. I have an abcessed tooth now and I’m not yet at my GoFundMe goal, though I am getting closer, thanks to everyone who has donated. I am very, very grateful for the assistance. Dental problems are hell. I am terrified of what awaits me in the dentist’s chair, but nonetheless hoping I can get into that chair soon. The dental torture should be brief, unlike this continuing pain (and inability to eat substantial foods).

Anyway. I haven’t posted because I’ve been waist-deep in Regular Expressions. They are challenging the living hell out of me. I’m really studying hard. Hopefully some of it will start to stick. I’ve seen a learning boost in my Python studies where suddenly something I didn’t get just gels, and it’s like, oh damn, that’s so easy! If only all of it could be like that, with the gelling. I still have areas I need to study harder. In the Learning to Learn class I took on Coursera, which I highly recommend, they say that exercise is really key to learning new material as it helps build new neurons. My shrink also wants me to exercise, because of the benefit to my various mental ailments. So I’m getting the message that I should exercise more. A big ‘oh goody’ for that.

I’m pretty apathetic as well as anhedonic lately, so that is also a reason for my lack of posting. That New Year’s Resolution to post every day sure did not last long. And I’m pretty bummed about my kitty. I’m not sure what is going to happen to her. We had a vet appointment yesterday at the Humane Society (they don’t turn people with sick animals away because of finances, so please support them when you can), but I had to cancel at the last minute because my ride couldn’t make it. (Because I have a car but it can only sit in the parking lot since it is recalled. Nope, still don’t know what to do there.)  I’m hoping I can get her in to the vet early next week. In the meantime, she is very sweet and very incontinent – excessively so – and keeps falling off her ottoman when she’s sleeping because somehow she loses her balance staying in one position  – it’s bizarre, I just hear a THUD and I look over and she’s on the floor, dazed, because she was sleeping and suddenly fell off the ottoman. She’s done this, like, A LOT. She’s not sleeping on the edge of it or anything either. She’s just spontaneously dropping off the thing in a dead sleep onto the floor. Terrible. Poor Clover.

I don’t know what else to say or a good way to close this post. I guess I will close it by recommending something. Aniracetam. Good nootropic. Excellent for holistic thinking and boosting creativity, and helps with focus. Obviously I did not take any before writing this post.